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    Defining the Future of Health and Mental Health

    • The Second Wave of Positive Psychology - Dr. Itai Ivtzan

    • Do you have the happiness gen? The genetics of life - Dr. Meike Bartels

    • The Landscape on the State of Global Health - Dr. Shekhar Saxena

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    Public Policy - The Economy of Happiness and Well-Being

    • The Economics of Happiness - Dr. John Helliwell

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    Transformative Technologies and its impact on Human Flourishing

    • On Awakening and Growth throughout Sound Technologies - John Dupuy

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    Shaping the Future of Happiness@Work

    • About the Practices of a Mindful Leader - Interview with Marc Lesser

    • How Purpose is influencing Happiness@Work

    • Our title at work should be the Happy Human - Gopi Kallayil

    • The relationship between power and happiness - Dr. Dacher Keltner

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    Personal Development and Social Impact

    • Self-compassion as a tool for social change - Dr. Kristin Neff

    • Heart and Leadership Coherence - Dr. Deborah Rozman

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    The Future of Education. It is Positive.

    • How to develop our strengths as parents so they can impact positively on our kids - Dr. Lea Waters

    • Do not be blinded by Happiness. Towards integral education models - Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

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    The Exponentials of Happiness

    • The Future is better than you think. - Luis Gallardo

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    • Great Articles to go deeper into answers from Positive Psychology to a happier life.

    • 50 Science-backed Happiness Activators.